Event Partnership Opportunities

So Sussex has built a reputation for delivering high quality events and engaging middle income families in the south east of the UK. Our festivals offer a fantastic platform for delivering successful, high profile campaigns for the right partners.

We’re always happy to discuss new partnership opportunities, so please feel free to get in touch with us.

About our Events

Elderflower Fields

A 3 day, green-field family festival, based on the Ashdown Forest in an AONB.

Established in 2012. Owned and produced by So Sussex. Grown to capacity of 4.6k customers. Total on site including crew, performers etc. is approximately 6.5k.

Our focus is on getting kids and their families outside, immersed in a natural environment and enjoying quality sports, arts and nature based activities together.

In 2020 we are launching a second Elderflower Fields festival in the Midlands.

Into the Trees

A 2 day / 3 night family nature festival, based on the Ashdown Forest in an AONB.

Established in 2016.Owned and produced by So Sussex. Currently in the region of 2.5k customers.

It is a spin off from Elderflower Fields with a much heavier focus on nature, wildlife and the environment, but still with the primary objective of getting families to be active outdoors together.

What People Say About our Events

“The ideal first festival for families, Elderflower Fields is hip, intimate & independent…” – The Guardian.

“Elderflower Fields has raised the bar for what I now want out of a family festival. It really is the festival for parents who aren’t quite sure about taking their family to a festival. Small, but not in a way that there’s nothing to do. It’s quite the opposite in fact…” – Festivals for All

“Into the Trees is all about spending time together as a family whilst reconnecting with nature and embracing your inner child. We love it! It’s one of our favourite events of the year.” – Juggling on Rollerskates

“One of the most family-friendly events on the entire festival calendar… If you’re thinking of taking your family to their first festival this year, this could be a great one to start with.” – Evening Standard

“Best festival for trying new things: The children’s activities programme at Elderflower Fields is hard to beat for a festival of this size.” – Festival Kidz

“[Into the Trees] is such a gorgeous event… There are so many opportunities for children to explore and create and run freely. The whole family had an absolutely wonderful time.” Festival Kidz

Our Customers

Our audience are generally middle income families (almost all falling into NRS social grades A, B & C1). Primary ticket buyers are aged 30-55, typically with children aged 3-13. about half of our audience is aged under 13.

Just over 90% of customers live in London and the South East.

Our Elderflower Fields mailing list has 7.5k subscribers with an average open rate of 52% across 12 month period.

21k website average monthly page views. Facebook: 10.6k likes with average daily reach of 1.4k. Instagram: 3k followers.

Examples of Partnership Opportunities

Festival Areas / On Site:

  • Potential to brand various areas of the festival site – stages, bars, activity areas etc.
  • Link with social media pre-event
  • Advertise in festival programme
  • From £5000, depending on size, location etc.

Festival Programme:

  • Advertise inside back page of festival programme
  • Print + digital. 2500 copies distributed to festival guests
  • Link with social media pre-event
  • From £1000

Online Partnership:

  • Joint social media activity
  • Promotion as part of pre-event newsletter content
  • Promotion on website
  • From £1000

On site Activations:

  • On site pitch at festival or product in picnic bags
  • Promotion as part of pre-event newsletter content
  • Link with social media pre-event
  • From £3000

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you. We are always open to discussing ideas you might have, so please get in touch.

Nigel Greenwood: 07793 050816 / [email protected]