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Julie Groombridge – Bromley

By July 23, 2013September 23rd, 2015testimonials

I contacted So Sussex as we were due to go camping in the local area and we were looking for something a bit different to do on our family holiday!

We have 4 children aged 7, 6, 3 and 22mths so was unsure what we could do that would suit all of the age ranges! Maria was very helpful and came up with a suggestion of stream dipping, lunch on an open fire and woodland activities.

The great thing was that nothing was set in stone, so if the little ones got fed up they could do something else instead! The whole day was lovely, we were met by Maria, another lady and 2 gentlemen who were experts in stream dipping! We all had a great time, we found a fish, eels and all sorts of little creatures! We then went over to the woodland for some clay modelling and woodland collages and made a butterfly bar! This was followed by crudites with locally sourced houmous, homemade burgers, (veggie for me), chocolate cake, elderflower cordial and a ion of hot drinks!! All of the food was so fresh and tasted amazing! The activities and day as a whole kept the attention of our youngest child, which was fantastic!

When we go camping in Sussex again, I’m sure we will be contacting So Sussex for another family day out together! Thank you, it was a very enjoyable day!

Julie Groombridge – Bromley